Theses. Students who would like me to advise a BA or MA thesis should approach me well before any deadlines with a 2-page written proposal that clearly outlines the puzzle they are interested in, some possible answers, and a tentative research design. I may also request a writing sample and/or a list of classes taken in political science. Because there is a limit to the number of theses I can advise, we will need to meet and discuss your proposal in detail before I can make any decisions.

Letters of Recommendation. I only write letters for students I can strongly support. Students who need a letter of recommendation should make every effort to ask me at least 1 month in advance of any deadlines. Please include any relevant materials – resume/CV, draft cover letter, grant proposal, etc – and detailed instructions on when and how to submit letters. Interfolio is highly preferred.

Prospective Graduate Students. I receive many emails from prospective graduate students who are interested in admission to University of Chicago. I encourage you to apply, but unfortunately I am unable to offer any specific advice. Each program has an admissions committee that makes decisions based on the applicant pool, fit with the program, and numerous other factors. Students are not admitted to work with any particular adviser and it is impossible to know ahead of time what the likelihood of acceptance is. Steven Wilkinson also has useful advice for international applicants.